• Rita-Marie DeLuca

Ways to connect with your Tarot Deck

There are many ways you can connect with a tarot deck. Here's a few ways that I like to use to help me feel more connected with a tarot deck.

Cleanse your deck- There are many ways you can cleanse your deck, some use sage, some use palo santo. I'll probably write something about all the different ways you can cleanse your deck soon, I'll try to link it in once its up.

Meditation- I'll usually do this after or sometimes during cleansing my deck. Basically i'll sit in a quiet room, (this can be a bedroom, an office or even outside) sometimes i'll listen to some music, and try to send my deck with as much good intentions as i can. The reason for this is to really try to get my energy and the deck's energy to come together.

Obsess- Similarly to meditation this is a good way to get both yours and the energies to come together. I mean by this is that I will carry this deck with me everywhere I go, it can be as simple as a deli near my house or I'll bring them to work with me. You can even bring them to the beach or to the park. Besides bringing them everywhere, I'll sleep with them under my pillow. I'll also constantly shuffle through them and try to take time with each card, studying it and taking note on how each card makes me feel.

Interview- Basically with this you shuffle your deck and you pull out as many cards you feel is necessary for you and your deck to get a feel for each other.There's also many interview spreads you can find online, I personally usually use this spread from Noble Lion Tarot linked here if you would like to check it out:

You can switch around with these as much as you like. Just remember every deck is different, some may connect with you right away, while others might take a little bit of time. Just be patient and allow your relationship to grow over time. If you have any other ways you connect with your deck let me know i'll love to hear them and try them out with my decks!

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