• Rita-Marie DeLuca

Ways to Cleanse and Charge your crystals

1. Salt

  • The first method of using salt including, add 1 tbsp to 1 cup of water. As your stirring the mixture it’s important to stir clockwise (clockwise tends to promote things, while counter-clockwise tends to decrease them) as well as set good intentions into the salt water. After this submerged your crystals in the salt water for 1 hour to a day, after this rinse off and pat dry. ** Some crystals can not be put into salt water due to them being too soft or them having traces of metal. These include: Selenite, Malachite, Halite, Angelite, Calcite, and Lepidolite**

  • Another method is to just simply fill up a bowl with sea salt, (or any salt I am sure will be fine) and just either bury or place your crystals in the salt for an hour or several days. After this just bush off any extra salt, and you are good to go. 

2. Smoke/Smudging

         This way of cleansing/charging is pretty common. Most of the time people will tend to use sage or palo santo. However any herb or wood will be just good, (maybe even better if you have a favorite tree you can collect bark from, or a personal garden you can grow herbs at).  You can bundle all the dry herbs together, or hold your piece of wood and simply just light it and quickly blow it out. From you just move your crystal around in the smoke allowing to be fully enveloped in it.

3. Water 

        Cleansing and Charging can be a little tricky due to the fact that certain crystals can not be put in water because they are too soft or delicate such as selenite, kyanite, and halite.

  • The first method you can use while cleansing and charging with water is that you fill up a bowl with water, this can be rain water, moon water, or even water from the faucet, allowing your crystals to be submerged for 15 minutes to overnight. 

  • Another method you can use is to put your crystals, in a mesh bag or hold them and allow them to run in running water, while also setting good intentions. While it’s better to use a natural form of running water like a stream however your faucet at home will work just fine.

4. Moonlight

This is one of the most popular ways to charge/cleanse crystals. This is because the powerful feminine energy that comes from the moon is more gentle than the masculine power of the sun. This allows any crystal to be able to fully bathe in the lunar light without the risk of cracking or fading. The best way to do this is to ether place your crystals outside or on your windowsill from sunset to sunrise so your crystals can get fully charged or cleansed.  

**The best times to do this is during the full moon and the new moon because this is when the energies are the highest** 

***Just be careful while leaving your crystals outside because of inclement weather and wildlife***

5. Sunlight

Using the sun to cleanse and charge your crystals is an excellent way to add masculine energy to your crystals. However more vibrant crystals like amethyst and Fluorite. For this reasoning I recommend not leaving your crystal out for more than an hour. 

***Just be careful while leaving your crystals outside because of inclement weather and wildlife***

6. Earth

Charging your crystals in the earth is a perfect way to keep your crystals safe from the harsh rays from the sun, and keep them safe from wildlife. This method is especially perfect for stones used from grounding like black tourmaline and obsidian. You just simply dig a hole outside or a potted plant will be just fine and allow them to rest for a few hours or even overnight.

7. Visualization/Meditation

Meditation is another very popular way to Cleanse and charge your crystals. Using your own energy, not only allows you to grow a deeper connection with your crystals but it's universally safe for all crystals you come across. You can do this by holding the stone with both hands, and taking a few deep breaths. While you’re doing this focus on the stone, then visualize a white light in the center of the stone, allow that to surround your stone and then allow it to surround you.

8. Use other crystals

  This is a very simple way to cleanse and charge your crystals. Some crystals such as clear quartz and selenite, naturally have cleansing and charging properties. Which means you can leave a crystal with either of the two overnight and it will be cleansed and charged. 

9. Sound 

Lastly, you can use sound to cleanse or charge your crystals. You can use many different things to achieve this such as, a tuning fork, a singing bowl, a bell, chime, tingsha bell, or your own voice by saying a prayer or a mantra. Some even like using their own instruments such as, a flute, violin or a piano. The way to do this is to just allow the sound wash over your stones, this allows old energies to be released through the sound waves, and allowing new energies to be formed.

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