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The Weaver Tarot

Deck: The Weaver Tarot 

Created by:  Brit June and Blaire Porter


This deck actually comes in two different designs, The Journeyer Edition and The Ascendant Edition, however I only have The Journeyer edition at this time.The design of The Journeyer Edition is absolutely breathtaking and the photos of this deck do not do it justice. The holographic background that showcases a different scenic nature view on each card. Also on each card is a gold foil line design that goes will with the gold sides of the deck. The Ascendant edition is equally as beautiful as The Journeyer Edition, the only major difference is that the Ascendant Edition is a black matte all around with a holographic foil design. 


           The cardstock used for this deck is nice and thick to prevent it from warping when shuffling, However it doesn’t take a little to get used to being that I have small hands. 


The guidebook in this deck is very detailed. It gives the keywords of each card, as well as goes through each element of the minor arcana. This deck also includes this cheat sheet that goes through everything from what certain things in each card stands for, the numerology of each card, the court cards, and the keywords for each element. 


This deck is pretty mobile, it can fit in a bag no problem, it can also fit in a men’s standard pocket with little to no issue. 

Things that make it stand out:

What stands out with this deck against a few of my other decks is that its gender neutral. This deck provides different names for certain cards, such as The Magi instead of The Magician, The High Sage instead of The High Priestess, The Pillar instead of The Empress, and The Anchor Instead of The Emperor. Also this deck has changed the court cards names as well instead of the usual Page, Knight, Queen, and king. It was changed to Seeker, Conqueror, Sovereign, and Ruler. Personally I like when a deck changes the names of certain cards, I feel like it makes the deck stand out against the rest. I like the fact that this deck chose to use gender neutral names, because it allows everyone to feel connected to each card despite their gender. 


Overall, this is a beautifully made deck, and you can really tell a lot of work went into this deck. Just by looking at the deck and seeing the attention to detail throughout this deck, by explaining certain objects are in each card in the little cheat sheet, to the gender neutral names to make sure everyone feels included. The only issue I have is that the cardstock may be a little too thick because it is a little trick to shuffle it, but I am sure over time that will no longer be an issue. This deck is definitely worth taking a look at.

Where you can find this deck:


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