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The Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck

Deck of the week: The Luminous Spirit

Created by: Tina Gong 


The Luminous Spirit tarot deck is a very elegant tarot deck. Each card is a hand drawn pencil design, that gives this deck a minimalist feel to it. In addition this deck also has a holographic back that gives it a bit of color, but is still able to keep it’s minimalist feel.

Card stock:

The cardstock for this deck is very flexible, and doesn’t have a matte finish on it making it easier to shuffle with. The deck is also a standard card size which shouldn’t effect the ability to shuffle this deck. However the deck could possibly bend over time due to how thin the card stock is compared to other decks.


This deck doesn’t have a physical guide book to go with it but it does have two apps dedicated to it, which are available for free and for both android and iOS. However if you do prefer to use a physical book, there are many different tarot books that you can use to give you the meanings.


This deck is actually very mobile, the box is actually smaller and thinner than most other boxes due to it not having a guidebook. Which means that it can fit in a bag and a man’s standard pocket no problem. 

Things that make it stand out:

What stands out the most about this deck it's the apps that you can use with it. The first app was actually made for the deck, called The Luminous Spirit, this app actually works with the moon, allowing you to set your intentions to each cycle of the moon, and also keeps track of each card. The next app is called Labyrinthos, this app also allows you to track your cards but also lets you know which cards you tend to get more offended. This app also has lessons that teaches you the tarot meanings, with this little ghost guy. You can also use any deck you want; however it can only use the artwork from the decks they personally made, however the decks are stunning and I definitely recommend taking a look at them. Both apps also allow you to look up the meanings of each card and decide whether or not you want to use reverses. 


This deck is absolutely stunning and is a definite must have for any tarot collector. Also with the apps this deck is great for any beginner. Both apps are free even if you don’t own any of the decks shown, but honestly I would definitely take a look at any of the decks Tina Gong has on there because they are all gorgeous and unique. Especially this one, the hand drawn pencil artwork is definitely something to admire, and the holographic back just adds an extra layer of elegance to the entire deck.

Where you can find this deck:


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