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The Light Seer’s Tarot

Deck: The Light Seer’s Tarot 

Created by:  Chris-Anne


The design of this deck is beautiful and is very detailed. Each card really captures what each one means. This deck also doesn’t shy away from allowing color to tell the story, by using bright colors on cards like The Sun and more muted colors on cards  like Three of Swords. 


           The cardstock on this deck is a little on the thinner side. Which does allow the deck to be more flexible for shuffling but does allow the deck to bend over time.


The Guidebook for this deck is pretty detailed. It includes the Light Seer’s (upright) and the Shadow Seer’s (reversed) keywords meanings, then it has the general meaning, then lastly it has a quote to go with each card. They also offer an even more in-depth look at each card at:


This deck is very mobile and has no problem fitting in a bag, or fitting in a men’s standard packet. 

Things that make it stand out:

The one thing that stands out about this deck is that it refers to the upright and reverse meaning as light seer’s and shadow seer’s. It also only has the keywords for the shadow Seer’s, which I like as someone who doesn’t really use the reverse meanings but like the idea of a card having a shadow meaning.


Overall, personally this is probably one of my favorite decks because it’s so easy to shuffle with, and it’s a good size that won’t take up too much room. I understand that the cardstock may be a little too thin for some people. This is a great deck for someone who's just starting out. 

Where you can find this deck:


Barns and Nobles:

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