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The Illuminated Tarot

Deck: The Illuminated Tarot 

Created by: Caitlin Keegan


The artwork in this deck is very unique from any other deck I own, while it’s made in a simplistic design with simple shapes and bright colors with no shading. It does include beautiful use of line work that adds detail to the design. 

Card stock:

The cardstock in this deck feels very similar to the one used in a standard deck of cards. This makes the deck flexible and easy to shuffle with, however this can lead to the deck bending over time.


This guidebook also stands out from other guidebooks, this one shares a slight history of tarot and how it came from Tarocci, a cards game that dates back to the 15th century. Back then the decks consist of 53 cards, instead of the usual 78 cards that are used in decks used today. In addition, this guide also includes an easy to understand explanation of each card, in a nice and big font.


This deck isn’t exactly this most mobile deck, mainly because of the box being slightly bigger than most decks. While the box is able to fit in a bag with no problem, it can't fit in pockets, so I would recommend getting a tarot bag for this deck. 

Things that make it stand out:

One of the main things that stands out with the deck, is the fact that it uses the original 53 cards instead of the usual 78 cards. It may seem tricky to get use to but over time it does get easier especially with the guidebook. 


Overall this deck has made me very interested in the history of tarot and how it went from a card game to one of the most used tools for divination. This is definitely a deck for anyone that wants to learn more about tarot or wants to try something different than our usual 78 card decks.

Where you can find this deck:


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