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Spiritsong Tarot Deck

Deck of the week: Spiritsong Tarot

Created by: Paulina Cassidy


The design of this deck is absolutely stunning, it beautifully showcases the meaning of each card using a form of spirit animals. Along with an amazing use of linework and patterns and then the use of pastel colors which adds color to this deck without it being too bright for your eyes, but also making each card look like a watercolor painting. Also the border of each card is a different card, making it look gorgeous when you spread out the deck. 

Card stock:

The cardstock for this deck is pretty flexible, as well as doesn't have a matte finish on it making it easier to shuffle with. The deck is also a standard card size making it easier for anyone to use. However the deck has bent over time due to how flexible it is.


This guidebook is a standard guide book that comes with any deck, it includes the keywords to both the upright and reversed meanings. As well as the meanings to both the upright and reverse.


This deck is actually pretty mobile, Which means that it can fit in a bag and a man’s standard pocket no problem. 

Things that make it stand out:

One of the things that stand out in this deck is that some of the cards have different names. Personally I enjoy when a deck gives different names for certain cards, because it makes the deck feel unique. However this may be a little tricky for someone that is first starting to learn tarot, but after a while you definitely get the hang of it. Some of these different names include, Love for The Lovers, Shaman for The Hierophants, The Traveller for The Fool, The Shadow for The Devil, Transformation for Death, and Awakening for Judgement.  Besides that the four elements in the minor arcana have also got different names, this includes, Acorns for wands, Feathers for Swords, Shells for Cups, and Crystals for Pentacles. 


Overall I very much enjoy this deck, I love how it has different names for some cards, making it able to stand out against different decks. This may make it a little tricky for beginners that are just starting out. The design also brings something to the table, by combining both the world of tarot and spirit animals in a beautiful way. On a personal level this deck has always been so near and dear to my heart, because it’s one of the first decks I got, and inspired me to start collecting tarot cards. 

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