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Mystic Monday Tarot

Deck of the week: Mystic Monday Tarot

Created by: Grace Duong 


The Mystic Monday tarot deck is a unique deck and stands out from all the other decks I have in my collection. This deck is a very simplistic modern version of the well known Waite-Rider Tarot deck. The Mystic is also very brightly colored, making each card stand out from the other. Another thing that makes this deck stand out is the holographic edging along each card. However overtime the sides start to chip/fade away, so be wary with that.

Card stock:

The cardstock on this deck is pretty sturdy, leaving it not to bend as easily. This deck also has a more glossy finish, making it slide easily which can make shuffling easier. However it does show fingerprints smugs a lot easier than with matte finished decks.


The guidebook is very detailed, giving both keywords and a lengthy meaning for both the upright and reverse meanings. It also gives zodiacs/planets to each of the major arcana. This guidebook also color coordinates the major arcana and each of the four suits of the minor arcana.There is also an app that includes the guidebook for those of us that prefers a digital guidebook.


This deck is pretty mobile, due to the fact that it has little to no issue in fitting in a bag, and/or fitting in a men’s standard pocket

Things that make it stand out:

What stands out the most about this deck is the design and how unique it is. The bright colors of each card, makes it stand out from the next, giving each card a moment to shine. This deck also includes a free app, where you can get a daily tarot card that resets at midnight. This app also includes a digital guidebook to see the meaning of each card. However the app does not keep a log of each card you pull and you can not customize it to not include the reverse meanings, if you choose not to use them.


Overall this is a pretty good deck, the guidebook  explains each card perfectly and the design gives a modern feel to a well known deck. This deck is perfect for anyone that is just getting into tarot, or for someone that wants something different. The app is also a big help to anyone that prefers to look up the meaning digitally and not have to flip through a book. 

Where you can find this deck:



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