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Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Deck of the week: Modern Witch Tarot Deck

Created by: Lisa Sterle 


The design of this deck is very cute, it takes the design of the Rider-Waite tarot and adds more of a modern twist to it, in a way that also celebrates the deck that came before it. 

Card stock:

The cardstock for this deck isn’t too flexible, but still has no issues with shuffling due to it having more of a glossy finish that allows the cards to slide around easier. However because of this deck being a thicker quality it should withstand from bending.


This guidebook is for this deck, first for all is hardcover, which allows you to use it over and over again without the risk of it ripping; like the usual paper books that are used. However this deck doesn’t include the reverse meaning so you may need to look those up if you choose to use them. Other than that the guidebook is still very detailed and fits perfectly with the deck. 


             This deck isn’t exactly this most mobile deck, mainly because the box is slightly bigger than most other decks. While the box is able to fit in a bag with no problem, it can't fit in pockets well.

Things that make it stand out:

One of the things that stand out in this deck is the diversity in it. This deck showcases many different kinds of people, this includes different age groups, cultures, races, and both masculine and feminine people. This deck beautifully showcases the many differences that we all have and allows us a chance to see the beauty in what makes us different. Another thing that makes this deck stand out is that it includes two extra cards. One card to give as all some inspiration, and the other is the first card Lisa Sterle which is the ten of Swords “everything is fine” card. You can replace the actual ten of swords with this card, if you like.


Overall I enjoy this deck, and definitely think it’s a must have for everyone. This is a good deck for someone just starting out, and wants more of a modern version of the Waite-rider tarot. This is also good for anyone who just loves tarot and wants to work with a more modern deck. This deck definitely showcases a more diverse group of people, and allows everyone to find a card or character that best fits them. Generally this is a great deck for everyone and I definitely recommend giving it a try. 

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