• Rita-Marie DeLuca

How I came across this spiritual journey

   My witchy origin story isn't exactly the most exciting. I didn't have some bearded giant come break down my door to tell me I was a witch and I wasn't whisked away to some school to learn about witchcraft. Nor was I entered into some family competition where I fight my siblings to see who keeps their powers. No, my story starts back in 2018 when my favorite youtuber Announced she was a witch. I was a little confused because the witches I was aware of were the ones that I watched on tv or read in books. So I started to do some research on it, I was watching stuff off of YouTube and reading different things I found online. The more I looked into it the more interested I got. Eventually I decided to order my first witchcraft book Practical Magic by Nikki Van De,  As soon I began flipping through it absolutely mesmerized by everything in it. It felt like being reunited with something felt scary and exciting at the same time. Which led to me diving more in getting crystals, more books, sage and eventually my first tarot deck. Which of course was The Rider-Waite Tarot, I was so excited  when it came in the mail I ran into my room with it. I opened it and started to go through the cards and the moment to the devil card and frozen, instantly I began to panic and began to think I was diving too far in and was getting into something I wasn't ready for. But something was still Pulling me into it. So I did more research to dive deeper into the world of tarot, I read more about it and learned more about the cards. Eventually I began to consider getting 2 other tarot decks,  The Wild Unknown deck and The Spiritsong deck. At first I was a little hesitant about getting them considering what happened the last time but after weeks of debating  went on and ordered it. Within days the decks arrived I was still very  nervous about the decks. So I started with just reading through the Guide books, once I was done I was starting to feel more Confident to be able to flip through one of the decks. I picked The Wild Unknown deck to look through and for the first time since I then began my witchy journey I felt the magic pulse through my veins. I sat there and Admired each and once I finished with that deck I moved on to the next one and admired everyone of those cards too. When I was all done I felt confident enough to do my first reading, I began to shuffle the cards with the feeling of both excitement and fear but I wasn’t about to back out and allow fear win again. I spread out the cards and began to pick each card, from that moment I was hooked. I began to do a reading everyday absolutely in love with it and began to build my tarot collection. Eventually I began to do readings for friends and family members. One day I decided to step out of my comfort zone and make an instagram dedicated to my new life which I called Lunar-Rae named after my familiar Luna-Rae who is always close by when I am reading or doing a spell. Which of course leads me here to this website I want to give back and help other baby witches who may feel a little overwhelmed. To show them that yes this can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning but remember that in every deck you can’t get to the star without first going through the tower.

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