• Rita-Marie DeLuca

Crystal of the week

Crystal of the week: Agate

“Bring in the light”

Chakra: Third Eye and Root

Origins: Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

Color: Many different colors

Signs: Gemini

Similar to Blue Lace Agate Named from the bands, that was formed from when a pocket in the host rock begins to fill with microcrystals, that change depending on the mineral content. These bands are also why agate is known as “earth rainbow”.

Agate is known to bring harmony to the mind, body and spirit. The parallel lines seen on agate brings balance to both yin and yang energies. This can be used as protection and will be a shield against negative energies . It is also known to soothe inner angst, calm feelings of anger, and help with inner conflict. Agate is also known as a general healer, that alerts the body of issues so it can re-balance its systems.

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