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Card of the day

Card of the day: Three Of Wands

Keywords:   Progress, Expansion, Foresight, and Overseas Opportunity. 

General: While the Two of Wands tells us to start planning ahead for a place of safety and comfort, the Three of Wands is here to show up that those plans are underway, and be ready to expand and find even more opportunities. At this time you begin to see many chances for you to broaden your horizons through many different ways including, study, travel, business enterprise, and learning. With these chances you will be able to become more aware of the opportunities that are just waiting for you down the road.

Work:  The Three of Wands suggest that you recently got a new training opportunity to help expand some of your skills or an opportunity to work overseas. Either way allow yourself the opportunity to find or create success. Don’t be afraid to look outside of your presents role.If you are looking for work, the Three of Wands is a very positive sign that many different opportunities are coming your way, don't forget to be adventurous and look outside your comfort zone.

Love:  For those of us that are looking for love, the Three of Wands is encouraging you to expand your horizons, and allow yourself to be more open to different opportunities for romance. 

If you’re already in a relationship, the Three of Wands shows that both you and your partner are both possibly interested in traveling or expanding your education. Remember when you bring together two minds to create something new often leads to a great adventure for you both! 

Crystals: Green Calcite and Amethyst 

Deck: The Light Seer’s Tarot 

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