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Card of the day:

Card of the day: Conqueror Of Coins (Knight of Pentacles)

Keywords: Hard work, Productivity, Routine, and Conservatism.

General: Like knights in the other suits, the knight of pentacles represents hard work and tries to follow the dreams of the page of pentacles. However even though this knight isn’t as the most inspiring or creative, they work to get the results they need, even if it’s highly repetitive. When this card appears for you it means that you have or will work methodically to reach your goals. Remember now is not time to rush in, take your time and go with the flow.

Work:  The knight of pentacles acknowledges all the hard work you put in to your assignment. You have been planning to ensure that the task is completed on time and done right. Continue to follow protocol because now is not the time to do stuff differently. If you are looking for work at this time, now is the time to be more methodical in your approach, by keeping track of all your job applications on a spreadsheet, and in interviews presented yourself in a “worker bee” fashion to let them know your someone that will go the extra mile no matter what. 

Love:  For those of us that are looking for love, the knight of pentacles suggests that you should just continue working and plodding along. You are already on the right path and your new love will find their way to you soon.

If you’re already in a relationship, things with the knight of pentacles may seem to find there’s no major issues or problems and everything is following the same routine. However keep in mind that if you don’t break through your routine every once in a while things may begin to get boring. 

Crystals: Selenite and Flurorite

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