• Rita-Marie DeLuca



March 20th/21st -Apirl19th/20th

Element: Fire

Duality: Masculine/Yang ( More outer-Directed + strong through action)

Quadruplicity: Cardinal (Leaders of the pack/likes to get the ball rolling)

Ruling Planet: Mars 

Keyphrase: I am 

Opposite Sign: Libra- While Aries is a “me-first”. They tend to like to do things on their own and are self-oriented. Libra’s are the opposite, as the sign of partnership, they tend to feel incomplete when not in a pair. However this does not mean that Aries don't like being in pairs and it also doesn't mean that libras don't like doing things on their own.

Body part ruled by Aries: The Head- Aries are more prone to headaches, along with other head or face injuries.

Lucky day: Tuesday

Lucky numbers: 1,9 

Gemstone: Diamond

Colors: Red, Bright Orange, and Hot Pink

Cities: Florence, Naples, Verona, and Marseilles

Countries: England, Germany, and Poland

Flowers: Geranium, Honeysuckle, and Sweet pea

Trees: All Thorn-Bearing Trees 

Metal: Iron

Animals: Sheeps and Rams

Our fiery First Born of the zodiac, often seems to rush into everything, which leads to them getting the reputation of being a little reckless and impulsive. However Aries are one of the most passionate signs who will stop at nothing to prove they are the best. This is due to them being ruled by mars who was named after a fearless god of war, who wins at all cost and almost never backs down. With this warrior spirit, it often leads to them to stop at nothing to prove they are the best. Because of this Aries often prefer to work alone, so they can have control of the projects. However, this can come off as them being a little bossy. This sign offen motivates others with their passion,fearlessness, and their high-spirited pioneering. However our Aries drive to be the best can lead them in to burning out rather quickly and cause them to bounce from thing to thing from never actually finishing what they sent out to do. Another thing aries need to look out for is Allowing  others to have the Spotlight, and understanding that just because others have the spotlight doesn’t mean that it takes away from them, and remember there's plenty to give in this world. 

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