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Affirmators! Tarot

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Deck: Affirmators! Tarot

Created by: Suzi Barrett 


The artwork is very simplistic, by the way this deck uses simple shapes and little to no shading, making this deck stand out against more complex designed decks. As someone that loves and appreciates art myself, I know that something that seems simple might take a lot to make it. With that being said I love the design of this deck, how bright and cheerful the colors are and how even though the design is simple each card tells a story in its own way. 

Card stock:  

The cardstock is very flexible, making it pretty easy to shuffle without it warping too badly. My only issue is that the deck is a little too wide for my hands, but after some time playing around with it, I was able to get used to it.


I absolutely love the guidebook, it's very witty and explains each card in a fun way, without trailing too far away from the true meaning of each card. I definitely recommend taking the time to read the guidebook, you will not be disappointed. 


For those who love to carry around a deck with them everywhere they go, this deck can very easily fit in your bag for on the go purposes. It can also fit in a men’s standard jeans pocket however it can be a little bulky because of the width of the box.

Things that make it stand out:

This deck gives off a very positive message along with some wittiness. It even brings positivity to the less positive cards like the tower and the 10 of swords. To me we all can use some more positivity in our lives, and this deck really brings it.


I honestly adore this deck, I love how witty it is and I admire the positive energy that it brings. However i am aware that this deck may seem a little too “cutesy” to some people which is completely understandable. I do recommend this deck to anyone who is starting out and is looking for something not as intense or something more upbeat than your traditional decks.

Where you can find this deck:

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