• Rita-Marie DeLuca

Accurate AF Tarot

Deck:  Accurate AF Tarot

Created by: Prism.and.Fleur


The design of these are absolutely stunning, and gives off a dreamy feel throughout the entire deck. The neutral and pastel colors go beautifully with the gold trim around the deck. This design 

Card stock:

The card stock in this deck is thick so it won't bend as easily as other decks, however the circle shape of the deck makes it a little difficult to shuffle with especially if you are very used to shuffling with the rectangle shaped cards. It does get easier the more you practice with the deck.


This deck doesn’t come with a physical copy of the guide book, however you can go to the website and download the PDF version and print it out for you to keep. From flipping through the guide book i can see that it is filled with details all about each card, that include the element of the card, the star sign it goes with, the planets, crystals, the prediction speed, Whether its a yes or no, and of course the upright and reversed meanings. Each card also comes with two keywords meaning on the card. Of course if you can't get your hands on the PDF version, there’s also multiple tarot books out there that describes the meaning of each card beautifully.  


This deck is pretty mobile, the box has no problem fitting in a bag, however the box itself can not fit in a pocket. However the deck itself will fit no problem in a tarot bag. 

Things that make it stand out:

What stands out the most in this deck is the circle shape of it. There aren’t many decks that I’ve seen that were this shape, so that alone allows this deck to stand out. However this deck also includes different names for certain cards, such as instead of the strength card its Fortitude, instead of The Devil it's The Shadow, instead of The Death card its Metamorphosis. Besides that The Pentacles have been replaced with The Rings, and lastly, The Pages and The Knights were replaced with The Dawn and the Spirit. Personally I like when decks give different names to certain cards because it makes it stand out against other decks.


Overall this is a beautiful deck, that definitely stands out against other decks. I fully understand that most people will see the pastel colors and design of the deck, and just assume it's too girly for them but i would definitely give this deck a chance despite that because it's a must have for anyone that loves tarot. 

Where you can find this deck:



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